Benefits of Serviced Accommodation

There are significant benefits for corporate and business travellers who choose to stay in serviced accommodation instead of hotels. As well as being able to make a considerable saving on accommodation costs, serviced accommodation provides more space, freedom, flexibility and privacy, so why compromise?


At home you can eat what you want, when you want. It's the same in serviced accommodation. Kitchen facilities mean you can prepare whatever you feel like cooking, whether it's a midnight snack or a three course meal. It's far easier to entertain guests when you have your own space. This means you can hold meetings with clients in your living room, or work at the accommodation. You can also have your friends and family to visit. Most of our serviced accommodation properties have sofa beds, so it's easy for your guests to stay the night.


Serviced accommodation involves fewer extra charges and are usually cheaper than hotels for a number of reasons. All our serviced accommodation have either a kitchen or a kitchenette, cutting costs on restaurant and room service bills. While most hotels charge for internet at an additional cost, all our properties are equipped with broadband WiFi and a Smart TV free of charge. What's more, the longer your stay in our serviced accommodation, the cheaper the rate will be.


A once weekly housekeeping service means your accommodation can be kept clean whilst you retain your privacy without constant interruptions. That being said, if you would prefer a more regular service, we can arrange this at the time of your booking. Because there's extra space, you can organise your apartment into separate areas for work, rest and sleep, safe in the knowledge you're not going to be interrupted.

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